International Early Childhood Education Center for Research and Teacher Training

Doran is made up of a diverse group of members with over ten years worth of experience in education and research founded in 2018. The main focus is the education of teachers, belief in the deep influence of teachers on the learning process and the growth of children in Iran. There is no doubt that knowledgable teachers will bring the dream of a bright future for children of Iran into reality.

This group relies on the specialty of its members, modern research and of course the Iranian culture and history, when preparing and designing the educational material for teachers and principals of educational centres.

We also work toward raising the standards of the material delivered at education centres, pre-schools and primary schools for example, reviewing the educational content and development of tailored training.

The aim of Doran is to raise the knowledge of educators in their own positive influence over generations and the future of a society.

Fatemeh Sadeghi
Fatemeh Sadeghi CEO
Somayeh Sadeghi
Somayeh Sadeghi Executive Director