Doran International Early Childhood Education Center


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What is education? Who is a child?

The current principles used today for early years teaching are the results of years worth of continuous effort of scientists and teachers specialised in the area. The definitions of education and children today is what has been reached over the years. An early year’s teachers awareness of the way education and children are defined, will assist him/her to select the most appropriate behaviour and teaching methods for each child.

During this free online course (1 hour 30 mins) we will review some of these views and learn about the effects on our teaching methods.

This course can benefit you if:

  • You require revision of some of these principles
  • You are an experienced teacher who feels the need to update your knowledge
  • Your ultimate goal is to become a teacher and you do not have the time to attend courses
  • You are a parent interested in teaching

Leader: Fatemeh Sadeghi

Date: Friday,

Time: 10.30  12.00

Price: This course if free of charge

Capacity: 40 persons

  • The corresponding link to attend the online course will be sent to you following your registration. You will be added to the related support team on WhatsApp

Note: This is a short course covering the topics discussed. Attendance at this course does not certify for the attendee’s skills.